About Us

About Us

A company aspiring to become a leader in E-Commerce industry like E-bay, Wall Mart, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.

with wide range of products in electronics, healthcare, apparels, lifestyle, cosmetics, telecom, technology, education, leisure holidays & almost all the daily consumable products/services and catering to all the different sectors.

The difference between DynamicWay & any other E-commerce entity is that DynamicWay works on referral basis & not M.A.D. cost (Marketing, Advertisement & Distribution) basis. This helps the consumer to enjoy high quality products at cheapest prices.


Every person is a sales person. Whenever we are talking to our family, friends, associates & acquaintances, we are selling .


This As a person progresses, his needs and wants also grow with him. We also have to keep up with the latest developments.


At this time of price hiking in India, we do not get a hike in income. Every month-end we struggle to meet our expenses.